How do you feel about teaching your child to write?

Are you excited? Nervous? Fearful?

If you have questions about how to teach writing, you're not alone. It's easy to find packs of copywork and writing prompts. But what if you're looking for something more?

What if you could find a resource that answers all your questions?

  • How much time should you spend on writing each week?
  • How should you structure your lessons?
  • What do writers of all ages need to learn?
  • What if you're not a confident writer? How can you teach it? 
  • Is it really possible for kids to enjoy writing? How? 

"I need something for the homeschool, not the classroom."

Pssst... the Writing Workshop was designed for classrooms, but it works even better for the homeschool.
Learn how to teach writing to kids of all ages... from kindergarten through eighth grade!


This ebook gives me the tools and confidence to start a Writing Workshop with my children at home. How do I set up the space? How long and how often should I have my child write? What can I expect from my child? What do I do when I run out of ideas for mini-lessons?

Anna has the answers! Her handbook for Writing Workshop is such a blessing to my family. I am truly excited to teach writing this year!


Homeschooling mom

A valuable resource from a trusted educator and parent

Thousands of people follow The Measured Mom® for her thoughtful, creative teaching tools. And no wonder - with her teaching experience, advanced degree, and love for research, she knows her stuff.

But that's not all. Like you, Anna's a parent. She knows what works in theory and what works in real life. Buy this ebook with confidence, knowing it's been tested in the classroom and at the kitchen table.